Macintosh SE/30: Doesn't Work With An Apple Hard Disk 20

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Update from 2020

Apple dropped Hard Disk 20 (HD-20) support from the Apple Macintosh SE/30. The supporting software that would support HD20 emulation was removed from the stock SE/30 ROM. The ROM can be upgraded to a different one which can add Hard Disk 20 support.

Article Created: 18 January 1989

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9/15/92 - REVIEWED
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Can I use the Hard Disk 20, which is a non-SCSI hard drive, with the Macintosh SE/30?


The Hard Disk 20 (Non-SCSI) does NOT work with the Macintosh SE/30. The code to support the drive is not included in the ROM of the Macintosh SE/30. To transfer data from a Hard Disk 20 to the Internal drive you need the following items:

  • Macintosh Plus or Macintosh SE
  • Formatted, blank Hard Disk 20,40,80 SC and cables
  • System 6.0.3 Tools Disk (included with the Macintosh SE/30)
  1. Hook up the Hard Disk 20 and the Hard Disk 20, 40, 80 SC to the Macintosh Plus or SE.
  2. Insert the System Tools disk in the internal drive.
  3. Turn on both drives, wait 10 seconds, and then turn on the computer.
  4. Use the Find File DA and look for a file called SYSTEM on the Hard Disk 20.
  5. There should be one file called SYSTEM, and it should be located in the SYSTEM FOLDER. If you have more then one SYSTEM file, return to the desktop and trash the other system files from the Hard Disk 20.
  6. Select all the files and folders on the Hard Disk 20 and any files that may be on the desktop and drag then to the Hard Disk 20, 40, 80 SC.
  7. After the copy is finished you can hook up the Hard Disk 20, 40, 80 SC to the Macintosh SE/30.
  8. Select the files from the Hard Disk 20, 40, 80 SC and drag them to the internal hard drive. If there is no internal hard drive, drag them to the drive you will be using.
  9. Update the System Files to System 6.0.3 using the Installer Script (located on the System Tools Disk) for the Macintosh SE/30.

Copyright 1989 Apple Computer, Inc.