Apple Potrait Monitor: Macintosh SE/30 Card Availability

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This article last reviewed: 25 October 1989


I have a Macintosh SE/30 and want to use a full-page (not a two-page) monochrome monitor. Do you know of any monitors that work with the Macintosh SE/30?


Generation X Technologies has a line of 8-bit graphics cards for the Macintosh SE/30. The line includes the Vision '030X, a 1,024-by-768 resolution card with a 74 Hz vertical refresh rate. It will be available next month. The Vision '030A features 640-by-480 resolution and a refresh rate of 66 Hz. Both products include hardware pan and zoom, virtual desktop capability, and support for 1-, 2-, 4-, or 8-bit graphics.

Nutmeg Systems, Inc. offers also offers an SE/30 card for Apple's large monitors. Both the Apple Two-Page Monochrome Monitor and the Apple Macintosh Portrait Display can be driven by the new Nutmeg card, called the Nutmeg 30/2. The single card can drive either monitor due to the card's use of an auto-sensing circuit which detects which monitor is in use and then sends the appropriate signal to that monitor. If no external monitor is connected, the card lets the SE/30 monitor run by itself.

For more details, search the Tech Info Library under "Generation X" and "Nutmeg."

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