Tape Backup 40SC 2.0.1: Use with Macintosh SE/30

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This article last reviewed: 12 July 1989


A user is trying to restore files to a Macintosh SE/30 (using Tape Backup 40SC 1.1), but the software does not do the restore. The problem is that once you are reading the catalog on the disk, the software drops back to the menu. It seems to flash. After trying several times, it displays an "out of memory" error message. Also, DiskFit (network version) seems to have a problem.


Tape Backup 40SC 1.1 is not compatible with the Macintosh SE/30 and System Software 6.0.3. Tape Backup 40SC 2.0.1 works properly with the Macintosh SE/30 and can restore files from a backup made with Tape Backup 40SC 1.1. Tape Backup 40SC 2.0.1 is available on AppleLink in the Software Updates section. Here is the path:

Software Updates
A/UX Software Tools
Tape Backup 2.0.1

For information on compatibility of Network DiskFit with the Macintosh SE/30, contact SuperMac Technologies (search the Tech Info Library under "SuperMac").

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